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My name is Dr. Tiffany Carr and I created Joy in Teaching as a direct response to the increasing demands and overwhelming roles of teachers. The Examined life in Education Joy in Teaching founder and consultant Dr. Tiffany Carr As an educator with over 16 years of experience teaching kindergarten classes through graduate courses, I have experienced the rollercoaster of this profession. My passion lies, and always will, in teaching, however, I have lived the day-to-day pressures of meeting the needs of each student, the guilt of leaving your students with a sub, the late nights, the phone calls home, the assessments, the class sizes, the budgets, the schedules… whew. Let’s just say I get it. Along the way, I have developed a bit of an obsession with the values, ideologies, and perceptions behind what it means to live a life in education. My dedication to teachers and the profession comes from a place of understanding and support. I know the dynamics of what is happening in our schools and I want to be of service. It is an interesting time in the world of education and Joy in Teaching is here to strengthen teachers, administrators, and schools and keep great educators doing what they do best.

The life of a teacher is complex.

On the best days, you head home knowing that you have positively impacted the lives of your students and in a larger sense potentially bettered the world. Those are the days that you think about when you decide to become a teacher, those are the days they tell you about in college, those are the days you teaching for, but those are not all the days. And those other days? Well, they don’t get mentioned much, do they? Joy in Teaching is not a place to complain, it is a place to be real, to offer support, to help with struggles, and at times, to validate concerns. It is a place that recognizes that nearly half of all teachers transfer positions or leave the profession completely within the first 5 years. Joy in Teaching is the place to get fired up about what it means to be a teacher.

Through offering inspirational and actionable resources to aid in the examination of what a life in education means, our mission is to provide a beacon of light to teachers and administrators who seek to build resiliency and invest in teacher retention.

Along with a variety of speaking, professional learning and consulting services, Joy in Teaching offers teachers a home-away-from-home filled with support and respect for the profession. Do you want Joy in Teaching to come to your school? Reach us through the Contact Page. What educators are saying about Joy in Teaching “This is brilliant and a long time coming. Thanks Tiffany Carr for addressing the issue of teacher burnout and providing tools for resiliency and retention. Definitely worth a look, teacher friends.” -Rebecca “What a great idea to build a community of educators dedicated to supporting each other. It is a FANTASTIC project!”-Rochelle   “For all of my fellow teachers! You need to hear this. You’re not alone.” -Lisa   “This is great! I think teachers will benefit from your experience, research and compassion.” -Rachel   You are AMAZING!!! Thank you for doing this for all of us!!! -Lanette

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