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Dr. Tiffany Carr

My Close Encounter With Teacher Burnout And How I Navigated It

Two years ago I was facing teacher burnout. It was a dark time. I was 15 years into a profession that I believed in, that I loved, and I had lost the joy. I found myself buried¬†under teacher stress I haven’t shared a lot about my experiences that led to starting Joy in Teaching, so

Dr. Tiffany Carr

Decoding Teacher Resiliency – A Breakdown of Terms & Phrases

A focus on Decoding Teacher Resiliency is needed. There are terms and phrases connected to teacher resilience that you may not be familiar with if your school or district doesn’t emphasize or invest in teacher well-being. Terms like vicarious trauma, trauma-informed care, compassion fatigue, and compassion satisfaction are foundational to discussions on teacher resilience.¬†By understanding

Dr. Tiffany Carr

Community Within Community – Build Your Dream School Culture

  The Story When I was a sophomore in college I took a 2D art class that was the worst (at least in my opinion). The professor was stifling. He was all about precision and adhering to his specific dimensional requirements. He would take a ruler to your work and it if it didn’t line

Dr. Tiffany Carr

Teacher Test Prep – A Survival Guide For Teachers During Standardized Testing Season

  The Weight Of Testing Today Testing has always been a stressful time for students. As kids when we say the pre-sharpened number two pencils and bubble sheets we knew what was about to happen. We felt a pit in our stomach because it was testing time again. Now, instead of the teacher being the

Dr. Tiffany Carr

Thrive As An Introverted Teacher

What It Means To Be An Introverted Teacher Being an introverted teacher can be exhausting. Having to be “on” all day, with little to any breaks, surrounded by students with varying needs, all demanding your attention, it’s all part of the job. It’s what we sign up for, but it can be overwhelming for the