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Dr. Tiffany Carr

How to DIY Your Professional Development (for when you have to)

You might be asking yourself Why would I need to DIY my own Professional Development?  Well, tell me if any of these scenarios sound familiar? A staff meeting that doesn’ t connect with your discipline. A speaker who doesn’t have an understanding of the dynamics of your school. A professional development session that doesn’t speak

Dr. Tiffany Carr

15 Ways for Teachers to Carpe the Heck Out of Every Diem During Spring Break

Let’s stop perpetuating this spring break lie. The kids think it’s for them – to give them a break from school. But, we know. Spring break is just as much for the teachers! Congratulations! You survived February – the longest feeling month in teaching. So even if you aren’t traveling anywhere, here is a list

Dr. Tiffany Carr

How to Start A Kindness Movement in Your School

A kindness movement came from trying to find a way to show students they can make a difference and giving them something they can have control of. Although the idea of a #kindnesschallenge is not new, I believe now, more than ever, we must explore, as educators, explore the potential benefits. The news is tragic

Dr. Tiffany Carr

What Is The Purpose of Education? And Why We Should Question It?

What is the purpose of education? It’s a big question. Huge. And SO important to ask. But can we really answer it? In 1930 Eleanor Roosevelt wrote about how difficult a question it really is. “What is the purpose of education? This question agitates scholars, teachers, statesmen, every group, in fact, of thoughtful men and

Dr. Tiffany Carr

The Unspoken Education Conflict About Soft Skills with Infographic

There are two major approaches in education. Both are stressed as foundational to the success of students now in school and later in their chosen futures. Chances are you have encountered them both and that your school places them as a priority, but rarely positions them together. I’m talking about the Data & Soft Skills.