The 10 Paradoxes of Teaching

Teaching is more than a profession, it's an experience and it's one unlike any other. It's filled with strange occurrences, hilarious conversations, lots of paradoxes. Paradox- A seemingly impossible, but true contradiction. We can share with our friends and family...

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The Teacher Appreciation Teacher’s Deserve

Teacher Appreciation Week Once again it is Teacher Appreciation Week - a week of recognition and celebration, all geared toward letting educators know how thankful we are for all they do. Undoubtedly there will be discounts and specials from businesses, luncheons or...

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Essentialism in Teaching

Essentialism is a popular term relating to personal and professional productivity. It is the "it" word when it comes to finding the calm in this overwhelming, overstimulating, overworked life. Essentialism refers to the pursuit of less. It is a focus (when possible)...

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Celebrating Non-Data Victories in Education Part Two

Non-Data Victories (NDV): immeasurable accomplishments in education Recap Last week's post on NDV's Non-Data Victories went into detail on the "what" and the "why" when it comes to celebrating Non-Data Victories. We shared lots of examples of what NDV's are and tons...

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Celebrating Non-Data Victories in Education part 1

What is a Non-Data Victory? Non-Data Victories (NDV): immeasurable accomplishments in education Origin of the term NDV We are borrowing a page out of the fitness and dieting world, wherein there is a common term called NSV which stands for Non-Scale victories. This is...

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Counting School Days Left & Making Them Count

Let the countdown begin You're in the double digits of days left, over two-thirds through the school year. Spring is springing, birds are chirping and the students begin to get restless. Sound familiar? A shift happens after spring break. We and our...

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