The Joy in Teaching series features the book, Joy in Teaching and its companion workbook The Definitive Joy in Teaching Workbook.

Perfect for professional learning opportunities like book studies and professional development the book and workbook offer practical strategies and research-based action steps to retain educators in the classroom and help them to build resilience, fight burnout, and reclaim the joy in teaching.


Joy in Teaching
A Research-Based Framework of Action for Educators

Nobody decides on a career in education for selfish reasons. Those who choose this path have done so because they care deeply and desire strongly to make a difference.  The rewards of teaching are great, but often it is not without sacrifice. Educators face pressures at all levels and each year more and more is added. No one benefits for frustrated or burned-out teachers. However, the benefits from happy, caring, strong teachers are immense. The time is now to reclaim the joy in teaching.

The Definitive Joy in Teaching Workbook

A Workbook and Guide to Facilitate an Examination into a Life in Education

This workbook is the companion to the book, Joy in Teaching. The Definitive Joy in Teaching Workbook guides readers, book studies, and professional development groups with extended discussions, exclusive activities, thoughtful reflections, and fillable resources that follow the book chapter-for-chapter.

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