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Teaching is a profession filled with some of the most caring and giving people in the world. Teachers willingly take on a number of roles and devote themselves wholeheartedly to our children and our future.

We owe our teachers a great deal.

The rewards of teaching are immeasurable, but often it is not without sacrifice. Teachers face increasing pressures at all levels.

Founded by Dr. Tiffany Carr, an experienced teacher and leader in education, Joy in Teaching serves as a beacon of light to teachers and administrators who seek to build resiliency and invest in teacher retention in our schools.

Joy in Teaching examines what a life in education means and offers actionable and inspirational resources, as well as a variety professional development and consulting services.

  Dr. Tiffany Carr, Founder of Joy in Teaching

Teacher burnout is real. And it’s devastating.

Nobody decides on a career in education for selfish reasons. Those who choose this path have done so because they care deeply and desire strongly to make a difference.

Teacher burnout can be caused by many things, increasing demands, testing, lack of time, respect, support… a gnawing sense that whatever you do is never enough.

In the end, burnout equates to a broken spirit.

The person who cared so deeply and desired so strongly to make a difference begins to succumb to the pressures and demands of a career in teaching and questions the purpose they once took for granted.

Joy in Teaching says “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”. We must strengthen and motivate resiliency in teachers and support their retention in the schools.

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Teachers are strong. Teachers are powerful. Teachers are important.

Joy in Teaching is dedicated to building teacher resiliency through a variety of outreach and supports.

It is critical that the proverbial pendulum begins to swing back and all teachers gain the support they deserve.

It is necessary for schools to recognize the increasing stresses placed on teachers and do something about it.

It is time do something about it.

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