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Hi, I’m Dr. Tiffany Carr. Join me as I help educators reclaim their joy in teaching!


 I have workshops, speeches, and programs ready-to-go today to help your staff build resiliency and reclaim their joy in teaching. With that said, I am also happy to discuss the unique needs of your teachers, school, and/or district and create a customized professional development approach. 

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I design every experience with the goal to reignite your staff’s passion and give them the tools to be the best they can be. When I create engaging, motivating, and research-based professional development services and speaking engagements.

What you can expect

I model my workshops and talks after what educators respond to best. Authenticity. A crazy performance from someone who has never been in a classroom isn’t going to create change in your school. As a veteran educator I approach each experience as an opportunity to share inspirational and actionable research-based resilience strategies in order to create positive change and position educators for a sustainable and fulfilling career.

Why I do what I do

Throughout my 18+ years teaching in a wide variety of schools at all levels I witnessed far too many good, caring teachers become frustrated, stressed, and overwhelmed – some leaving the profession altogether. As a wife and mom trying to balance my teaching-life with home-life, I too couldn’t deny that I was experiencing some of the same feelings and began to research all things resiliency -first for myself and then for others, too. I created Joy in Teaching to serve as a beacon of light to teachers and administrators who seek to build resilience and support teacher retention through actionable and inspirational resources designed to help preempt teacher burnout and address the hard issues educators face each day.

Current Topics

Resilience Building Strategies

Relationships and Culture in Schools

Staff Attrition & Retention

Timesaving Tools & Strategies

Positive/Supportive School Climate

Research-based Action Planning

Sustainable Teaching Practices

Authentic Reflective Practices

Book Studies

The Joy in Teaching book and companion workbook are great texts for school professional development and book studies. Both texts offer strategies and tools to build teacher resilience and bolster teacher retention. Each chapter in the book includes discussion questions to extend the conversation while the workbook leads the reader through developing plans and taking action. Joy in Teaching is happy to offer discounts to schools and districts interested in making teacher resilience a focus of their professional development.

Why wait?

Don’t let another school year go by without providing your school and staff the tools and support they need to thrive in today’s world of education. Contact Dr. Tiffany Carr today to schedule a talk, workshop, or customized professional development.

Educators MUST have tools to help them educate with passion and zest, else they will fail both themselves and their students. Dr. Carr has done an amazing job at giving teachers the tools they need to build resilience, and administrators the tools to understand the issues facing teachers today.

For all my fellow teachers! You need to hear this. You’re not alone.

This is brilliant and a long time coming. Thanks Tiffany Carr for addressing the issue of teacher burnout and providing tools for resiliency and retention.

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