The Insider’s Guide to Becoming a Minimalist Teacher

Let's talk minimalism. And, not just in decor and objects, but in mindset as well. And, the impact of streamlining our school day, physically and mentally, for ourselves and our students.What is minimalism? First off, let's set the record straight on what minimalism...

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Infographics Roundup on Teacher Burnout & Resilience

65% of people are visual learners. I certainly am. I also enjoy creating graphics and visual art. So, it was never a question that Joy in Teaching would incorporate visuals in my attempt to help educators fight burnout and reclaim the joy in teaching.  Infographics...

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How to Survive the Teacher Retention Apocalypse

The teacher retention apocalypse is nearly upon us. Here are three facts that we can not deny. Less college students are choosing to enter the teacher profession. Education (as a field) is only becoming more complicated- with increased roles of educators Not enough...

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Beat the Winter Teacher Blues

Within the seasonal blahs,​ there is​ a type of winter doldrums​​ that afflicts a very specific population - educators. Lack of sunlight and warmth. Short days and long dark nights. No upcoming breaks. And, a school year that has gone on repeat. This is a ​recipe for...

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100 Days of School Teacher Wellbeing Check-in

It's about that time. 100 days into school. At the elementary level, we celebrate it as a vaguely disguised counting practice for students. At the secondary level, we note it as a milestone - over halfway through the year. [bctt tweet=" Like daylight savings time is a...

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Empathy Drain: A Reality for Many Teachers

Empathy. Most people view it as an only positive trait. I know I used to. When you have empathy you are able to understand others by sharing in their feelings and experiences. This positions you as someone open to others, their successes and challenges. Empathy can be...

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