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by | Sep 15, 2020

I taught online classes for over 4 years, I transformed an in-person class to an online one with one week’s notice when the pandemic hit, and yet with this experience along with nearly 2 decades of k-12+ teaching and a Ph.D. in Teaching and Learning, there is still sooo much to new to unravel about digital learning.

So, today I have compiled a quick and dirty list of digital/online learning tools to help you navigate this unpredictable and unprecedented school year.

Add additional ideas in the comments.

Online Learning Tools

teacher with webcam and computer


Student online Zoom meeting celebrate

Boom cards is one of the latest and greatest tools (I’ve seen mostly used at the elementary level) these are a great way to provide interactive engagement to digital worksheets.

Google Forms is an easy way to send out questionnaires and polls quickly and digitally. It also compiles the data responses.


Student on computer

Gamification is always a good choice and with Kahoot, you can use internet-based information to quiz students.

Plickers are fun for students and efficient for teachers to poll student understanding – great for formative assessments. –  works best for in-person, socially distanced classes.


teacher with webcam

Vocaroo allows users to create audio recordings for embedding into reflections, presentations, or other assignments.

Voxer is another audio recording program that students collaborate on like a walkie-talkie.


Teaching from home during a pandemic

Adobe Spark is easy to use program to add graphics and design to exit tickets and community-facing digital documents.

Canva is an easy-to-use website that offers free templates for brochures, presentations, and other digital assignment ideas.


These are all programs I have personally used (and I am making no $ off of sharing this) – tell me what is working for you and recommend some programs to your fellow teachers in the comments. Let’s grow this list and help each other out because we are always better together!

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