15 Ways for Teachers to Carpe the Heck Out of Every Diem During Spring Break

by | Mar 17, 2019

Let’s stop perpetuating this spring break lie.
The kids think it’s for them – to give them a break from school.
But, we know.
Spring break is just as much for the teachers!

Congratulations! You survived February – the longest feeling month in teaching. So even if you aren’t traveling anywhere, here is a list of 15 ways to make every moment count and enjoy your spring break like you deserve.

1. Wake up alarm free

Yes, you may have others who will walk you up – but starting your day without the same sound that signals you to start your school day will start your off on the right foot.

2. Sit Still

When is the last time you enjoyed your coffee or at a meal while not also doing multiple other things? Do you remember what it’s like to just sit and be? To focus on just the task at hand. Try it – you can.

3. Watch the sunrise AND sunset

During winter it is easy to not see either, especially if you go to school early or leave late. Enjoy being a creature of the day this week.

4. Read something for enjoyment

Yes, you read, papers, kids’ books, more papers, PD materials… Now’s the time to pick up that book that you’ve been wanting to read.

5. Mini-trips

This is me this year. Can you relate? I want to go places but, I want to sleep in my own bed. That’s why we are doing mini-trips. Try to explore places less than 3 hours from your house and return to nestle in the sweet familiarity of your own blankies.

6. Eat like a 12-year-old

Okay, this isn’t the most healthful tip – but sometimes we a deserve a treat. And, sometimes that treat must contain all the calories. Amiright?

7. Day Dates

Meet friends or your significant other. Go out to lunch (or brunch if you’re feeling fancy. The point is to make connections. With adults. During the Day.


8. Unplug

Whoa, now. What if, now just hear me out, you left your phone home? Okay, okay. What if you just left it in another room for a bit? Try it. Yes, at first it might feel like the loss of a limb, but give it a chance – it could really increase your spring break refresh.

9. Re-plug in

Catch up. Who haven’t you talked to because life just got too hectic? Who haven’t you cyberstalked to see how their life is going? Reconnect with those you have fallen out of touch with.

10. Intake Fresh Air

Even if the weather is crummy during your spring break (I feel like it almost always is during mine). Take time to go outside. Soak up what Vitamin D you can and breath the sweet, sweet airs of freedom.

11. Do You


What is your go-to relax method? A message? A pedicure” A froofroo bath? Go for it. Take some you time.

12. Get Weird

Go to that place. Wear that outfit. Eat that food. Dance that dance. You are free from the prying eyes of pubescents. Do your thing.


13. Have a “do nothing” day

Every day your “to-do” list is there waiting for today but today ignore it. Pretend it doesn’t exist. Gift yourself one day where you don’t HAVE to do anything.

14. Buy yourself a little something

You don’t think twice buying things for your students and your classroom. During spring break spend some money on you – a new outfit, a piece of art for your home, or a bauble that is totally meaningless. Check out the Teacher’s Bag – Online Finds for Educators Facebook Group for some amazing deals.

15. Recalibrate your compass

Right before you return back to school take some time to reflect on your year so far. Remind yourself of the good work you have done (both seen and unseen) and reconnect with your purpose. Staring back with your arrow pointed true north will help you to finish the year with more resilience and strength.

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