Wherein Does Your Teaching Strength Lie?

by | Sep 14, 2017


Nosce Te Ipsum is Latin for Know Thyself.

It is as true and powerful of a maxim now as it was when it was first uttered centuries ago. It speaks the value of self-knowledge and the importance of being a reflective citizen.

As educators we understand the power of reflection. We reflect on the challenges and successes of our lessons, how the culture and climate of our classrooms are evolving, and the best ways to meet the needs of our classes. Reflection allows us to make better choices, improve our practice, and be better educators. However, school days are busy and we rarely take the time to turn the mirror around to ourselves.

By taking stock of our own strengths within the field of education we can learn to rely on the traits and abilities that will help us the most to become more resilient educators.

Simple enough right?

Well, it’s not always so easy to look into the mirror.

Lucky for you Joy in Teaching has created a quick, fun quiz that will lead you to wherein your teaching strength lies. By walking you through a few, sometimes humorous, scenarios, the quiz gets to the heart of your resilience type. However, it is important to note teacher strengths take on different forms and within each lies its own form of resiliency. Each trait carries with it, its own power and struggles.

At the end of the quiz, you will discover your teaching strength and then have the opportunity to learn about 10 different types of teaching strengths. Because, as with any sort of superlative, we are never all of one and none of the other, but rather an amalgamation that has the potential to grow and change. As you read through these 10 types of resilient teachers consider which traits make up your approach to teaching and learn how you can leverage these qualities to be a stronger and happier teacher.

Enjoy the quiz, share it with your fellow educators, and reclaim the joy in teaching!

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