What’s All This About Teacher Resilience? And Why It Should Be A Priority In Every Single School

by | Sep 22, 2017

It is a research-based fact teachers’ stress impacts more than just their professional lives. The multitude of stressors can take their toll on the personal lives of teachers, the success and well-being of students, and a school’s overall ability to meet the diverse needs of its students.

Knowing this, it becomes clear why teacher resilience education has become an essential piece of professional development for many schools. If we can build teacher resilience, and curb these stressors, then we can not only hope to retain good teachers but also create a better more successful education experience for all.

What Is Teacher Resilence Education?

Teacher Resilience Education is training focused on giving teachers the tools to get the most joy out of their careers.

It offers research-based actionable steps toward reducing occupational stress. Resiliency education puts applicable tools in the hands of teachers so that they can take on the increasing stress of a career in education.


Teacher Resilience Education puts the focus on the teachers.

  • It provides research-based solutions to real issues that impact the classroom and lives of teachers.
  • It is relevant and current to the teacher experience”.
  • It goes beyond theory and gives actionable step to make a positive difference.

The Difference is in the Impact.

Teacher Resilience Education treats educators like professionals and gives them the tools to reclaim the joy in teaching. When the well-being of teachers is a purposeful piece of professional development the whole school wins.

Teacher resilience means teachers have a depth of resources they can pull from in order to adapt to stressful situations (which we all know are in no shortage within the field of education). Teachers are able to persevere, have a sense of control when things get messy, and are able to view themselves and their position with a sense of optimism and strength.

Teacher resilience is a learned skill – and not one often addressed in teacher education.

The field of education offers many rewarding moments, but between those moments it is demanding, fast-paced, and unpredictable. Teacher burnout is very real and it’s devastating. Teaching is one of the most fulfilling careers there are, but it also has the reputation of taking a serious toll on those who have dedicated their lives to it. Teacher resilience education provides teachers the essential tools to change how they experience occupational stress and reclaim their joy in teaching.

The impact of this is outstanding. When you have teachers performing at their “A-game” everyone benefits, teachers’ lives, students’ learning and well-being, school success, AND other professional development initiatives. When teacher resilience is a priority within a school, teachers are more open to new ideas and are better able to implement future professional development. This is why teacher resilience needs to be a priority FIRST.

Teacher resilience education gives back to those who have given so much and allows them and our schools to be the best they can be.

The Results Are Real.

The teacher is the heart of the school. We completely believe that here at Joy in Teaching. When a teacher is thriving and getting the most out of their career in education a ripple effect occurs.

When teacher well-being is improved then,

  • teachers’ personal lives are better
  • student stress/anxiety decreases
  • student performance increases
  • schools’ ability to meet student’s needs increases

Positivity breeds positivity. The entire ecosystem of a school (or district) can be impacted by simply giving teachers a voice, providing them the knowledge and tools to develop resiliency in their careers.

This is the power of teacher resilience education.

And this is what Joy in Teaching does.

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