Counting School Days Left & Making Them Count

by | Apr 15, 2019

Let the countdown begin

You’re in the double digits of days left, over two-thirds through the school year. Spring is springing, birds are chirping and the students begin to get restless. Sound familiar? A shift happens after spring break. We and our students have the end in sight. And yet, there is plenty of work still to do and plenty of days left on the calendar. Now is the perfect time of the school year to start reflecting and planning to make sure every last day counts as we begin our countdown toward the last days. Click To Tweet

Predict the unpredictable

The school year has a way of working in cycles (I wrote a whole article about it) and whether you are someone who actually counts down to the end of the school year or not – there is no denying what is coming. As the school year winds down the squirrely-ness heats up. This looks different depending on the age group with which you work. The good news is is that it’s predictable and you can use it to your advantage.

Make each day count

 To make the most of the end of the school year take a moment, now is good, and reflect on the school year so far.

Think of what you’ve done

  • What have been the high points?
  • What were some big accomplishments?
  • What were some of your NDV’s (non-data victories)?
  • How have you impacted your students for the better?
  • How have the impacted you for the better?

Then think ahead to your remaining days

  • What connections do you still want to form – staff and students?
  • What big events are coming up that will throw off your schedule?
  • What activities do you have in your back pocket for those impromptu days with altered schedules?
  • What final assessments and projects do you NEED to get done? 
  • What final projects and activities do you WANT to get done?

Plan for the best to come

After reflecting on your year make a solid plan, write it down, to make sure you get in all the fun projects, all the lasting relationships, and all the celebrated accomplishments that students will remember long after they leave your classroom. 


Plan activities that break up the routine are exciting and they will help you and your students cross the finish line with enthusiasm.


Find your balance between maintaining expectations and still being able to laugh with your students. They know a big change is upon them, that they won’t have the safe and predictable security of school this summer – let yourself enjoy them and they enjoy you.


If your school year is like most of mine, you probably won’t be able to fit in everything you originally intended. Take some time to look at what all there is left – start with what is required and then add with what will make the biggest impact. If what is left doesn’t make it into the schedule, you’ll know you included the most important pieces.

Leave it all on the table

You can’t predict the situations and events of the summer – so make sure you let all your students know what they mean to you. Allow them to leave your classroom filled with feelings of acceptance and appreciation. It will start their and your summer off on a fantastic note.

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