Celebrating Non-Data Victories in Education part 1

by | Apr 21, 2019

What is a Non-Data Victory?

Non-Data Victories (NDV): immeasurable accomplishments in education

Origin of the term NDV

We are borrowing a page out of the fitness and dieting world, wherein there is a common term called NSV which stands for Non-Scale victories. This is a way of celebrating progress that may not show up on the scale. In dieting, this progress may manifest in fitting in smaller clothes or having more energy for activities. For these proofs of accomplishment, someone may celebrate by purchasing a new, smaller wardrobe or enrolling in a fitness club or sport.

When this concept is applied to education – the doors are blown open 

Non-Data Victories (NDV) are the many wonderful accomplishments that occur in classrooms each day that cannot be quantified in data but deserve our attention and celebration. Click To Tweet

Examples of NDV’s

Although not a comprehensive list (yet) these examples of NDV’s give you an example of the types of immeasurable accomplishments that can (and should) be celebrated in the classroom.

An NDV can be a student persevering through an obstacle 

  • attendance improvement
  • work completion
  • behavior improvement

An NDV can be a student’s non-core curricular accomplishments

  • getting into a show, recital, competition
  • displaying work prominently
  • achieving a new skill level

An NDV can be a student showcasing positive character traits

  • displaying leadership
  • spreading kindness

Why we need to celebrate NDV’s

Celebrating non-data victories offer a variety of benefits to you and your students.

For our students

  • NDV’s demonstrate to students the importance of their hard work
  • NDV’s give students who aren’t strong in academics a chance to shine
  • NDV’s provide students a well-rounded view of a range of valued skills
  • NDV’s show students that they are more than a number/test score

For ourselves as educators

  • NDV’s give us a chance to acknowledge under-recognized students
  • NDV’s offer classes an opportunity to share in each others’ successes
  • NDV’s motivate us to seek out the personal strengths of all students
  • NDV’s give us a larger picture of the difference we are making as educators

More to come
This is part one of a two-part series from Joy in Teaching about non-data victories. Where this article explores the “what” and the “why” when it comes to celebrating Non-Data Victories, part two will explore the “how”. 


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