Celebrating Non-Data Victories in Education Part Two

by | Apr 29, 2019

Non-Data Victories (NDV): immeasurable accomplishments in education


Last week’s post on NDV’s Non-Data Victories went into detail on the “what” and the “why” when it comes to celebrating Non-Data Victories. We shared lots of examples of what NDV’s are and tons of reasons why it’s so important to make the time and space to celebrate them in education today. This week, Part two, is all about the “how”. How we acknowledge the Non-Data Victories of our students speaks volumes to them about what success is. Click To Tweet

How to Celebrate Non-Data Victories

Whether it is overcoming an obstacle or achieving a new skill, celebrating the non-measurable achievements of your students (and staff) communicate to them that you recognize their hard work and see their successes. Celebrating Non-Data Victories don't have to take a lot of time or energy from you, but can be a defining moment in the school year. Click To Tweet

Here are some ways you can celebrate NDV’s in your school

  • Display exemplary work prominently
  • Spend time at the end of each day to acknowledge an act of kindness or courage
  • Write personalized feedback on assignments, desks, everywhere!
  • Use social media to acknowledge achievements
  • Provide moments during the day for peers to share the positive
  • Document the “wins” for yearbook, newsletters, bulletin boards…
  • Make intercom announcements
  • Find the non-traditional victories in social situations – anti-bullying, inclusion, teamwork
  • Seek successes in non-academic/extra-curricular activities

Leverage Non-Data Victories

The act of seeking out NDV’s is both a lesson in varieties of achievements and an excuse to get to know your students or staff better. By looking beyond the test scores, data points, and percentages you see the whole person – their interests, ideas, and personalities. 

By acknowledging how much more than a number someone is you validate them and their endeavors. This boosts relationships, esteem, and community. There is no downside to celebrating the Non-Data Victories.

If you are looking for all the benefits that celebrating NDV’s can provide, check out part one of this series and remember to also check out the Joy in Teaching Books and Courses.

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