Putting This School Year to Rest

by | May 22, 2020

Putting this School Year to Rest

A rollercoaster to say the least.

This school year started with its normal high hopes and rode the typical trends of joy and stress, work, and satisfaction all the way to spring break. But, the screeching halt we all felt after that has ramifications far beyond we even know now.

So, how, after such an unprecedented school year, can we put it to rest and begin to look forward to what comes next?

Joy in Teaching has compiled some ideas to help you close the door on this school and keep you forward-thinking as we move into the summer.

Create Closure

Waving goodbye to the pandemic school year through window

There may not be the end of the year picnics, graduations, celebrations, or parties, but it’s still important to bookend this year and walk away with closure. Consider how you can create closure for your students and for yourself. Maybe it’s a final story for the littles, a letter, gift, or advice.

Focus on the wins

Teacher on computer celebrating the win during pandemic

You had them before and after Covid-19. The A-ha’s, the moments that were worth celebrating, that are worth remembering. That’s what we need to focus on. Not the news or disappointment. As we walk away front the 2019-2020 school year choose to focus on those “wins” that fuel your purpose for teaching.

Don’t stress what you can’t control

Plan a, b, c crossing out ideas

I read something on social media yesterday that  – “It’s not up to teachers or administrators when schools open back up” and it struck me, hard. We can stress, ask “what if?”, and try to problem solve all we want, but the truth is  – it’s out of our control. I don’t know if my classes will be online or in-person and neither do you.  So, let’s not make it our problem (easier said than done I know), but until there is an official word one way or another we can plan to a level that makes us feel content – but then we have to recognize that it’s not our call and out of our control.

Take a break

calm teacher relaxing - not stressing about what she can't control

I mean, you know you need this. I need this. We ALL need a break. And, yes, it might not mean the summer vacation you had planned, but it’s still your break and your time to rest, regenerate, and recover. Take some time (maybe follow some of our tips like turning off your notifications) and allow yourself to decompress from one of the wildest school years you hopefully will ever have.


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