Realistic Teacher Intentions for the New Year

by | Jan 3, 2022

Setting realistic teacher intentions for the new year.

Whether you skipped or limped into 2022, there’s no mistaking that we are here. This school year has been one of the most challenging for many teachers. For that reason, we are ready to set some realistic intentions to set educators everywhere up for success in 2022!

What are intentions and why set them?

Female teacher sitting at a desk thinking and writing New Years intentions

Intentions are ideas that can create change.

These often differ from resolutions simply in their endpoint – where a resolution is often a hard goal; an intention is more of a mindset shift.

Consider starting a sentence with”I intend to…”. It lends itself to thoughtful action rather than finishing lines. Such as, love unconditionally or lead by example.

The reason why setting intentions are so important is that they lead to change in a greater way than having a set endpoint like a resolution. Setting intentions is a way of creating change within yourself to meet the new year with a renewed, but realistic perspective.

Teacher Intentions

Here at Joy in Teaching, we don’t prescribe to toxic positivity or deny feelings and needs for the sake of the job. The focus is on research-based resiliency strategies and practices to help reclaim the joy in teaching. In reality, many teachers have found their joy exists outside of the education profession in the past couple of years and that’s real and ok. It’s why Joy in Teaching exists – to help build resilience and give educators the tools they need to thrive.

If you are an educator looking to position yourself for success in 2022, here are some New Year’s Intentions to help you kick off the year on the right foot (you can also find these all on JiT’s Instagram). Each one of these intentions is clickable and will take you to an entire article with more info. on how to best position yourself toward a more resilient new year.


Teaching 2022 Setting intentions - list with image of woman
I will try to see the Joy in the Little things - jar with intentions
I will take breaks - text
I will connect with my purpose - text on peach
I will take my own advice - text
Realistic Teacher intentions for 2022

For more resilience-building

Joy in Teaching has many offerings to help make 2022 a success in your classroom and in your school.

Check out some of these tools available to you:

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