Why Teacher Self-Care Might Not Work For You

by | Mar 4, 2019

Are we misled about self-care?

If you search “self-care” on the internet you will find all sorts of pampering products. These products are mostly focused on bathing and hygiene.  Although this can definitely be part of a self-care routine they are not, in fact, going to help alleviate any stress from your day.

The products themselves are merely the catalyst for gifting yourself time. And, teachers, more than most people I know, deserve some quality “me time”.

If you purchase a package of bath bombs like these or an essential oil diffuser like this you aren’t buying a product that will magically transform your day. You are buying yourself the means for an experience. (I know, I personally own both of these). Yes, the oils, the fizz, the pedicure sets, and massage packages do add to the experience and offer relaxation, but the products will not have a lasting impact.

It’s what you do with your self-care time that can truly change your mindset.

So, what is self-care exactly?

If self-care isn’t the packages of bath products and spa treatments that have been peddled to us, then what exactly is it? 

Self-care is a term that has come into popularity. It has been adopted by corporations, subscription services, and lifestyle publications. However, stripped down to its meaning, self-care is simply taking time for yourself to respond, reflect, and decompress from the stresses of the day. It is exactly as it sounds and you don’t need anything fancy to start your self-care routine.

Why teachers NEED the right self-care now

Teachers are by instinct are quick to act selflessly. They give of their time, their money, their focus and attention.

The selfless nature of a teacher is what makes them great and it can also be a recipe for burnout. Click To Tweet

However, self-care does not work, no matter how many fancy candles you light if you aren’t buying-in. Just like we need students to buy-in to the lessons and expectations at school, you yourself need to buy-in to self-care. 

You cannot effectively attempt to destress if your mind is still in the classroom.

Finding the right approach to self-care is important.

We can’t just buy into a fad.

If sitting in a tub in silence helps you to relax and recharge, then great! But, if within that time you find yourself only rethinking your day or planning lessons in your mind, then try a new technique. Exercise, yoga, deep breathing, meditation, social groups, nights out (or in)…

It takes a bit of trial and error, but it is worth it to find the tools that can help you re-enter the classroom with renewed energy and a refreshed perspective.

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Self-care products

There is no item that you can buy that can transform your resilience against stress and burnout. But, like mentioned in this article, you can use products to help gift yourself meaningful, reflective time to respond to the stressors in your life.

Here is a roundup of some popular items teachers use in their self-care routines:

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