Teachers, You Can Be Both

by | Jan 7, 2021

Dear teachers, for those of you who need to hear this, YOU CAN BE BOTH.

You can be both sad for missing what teaching once was and excited about what is happening in your classroom now.

You can be both hopeful that learning returns to “normal” and hopeful that this time encourages change.

You can be both overworked and there for your students.

You can be both tired by work and energized by teaching.

You can be both worried about your situation and present for it.

You can be both concerned for yourself and for your students.

You can be both overwhelmed by teaching limitations and new platforms and embrace them.

You can be both hesitant to take on this school year and proud to be a teacher.

You can be both dreadful about the school day to come and prepared for it.

You can be both outraged by policy and committed to work within the system.

You can be both discouraged and courageous.

You can be both frustrated and a good teacher

You can be both!

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Although there are countless examples of teachers stepping in as heroes, we are also human. Human beings with doubt, fear, and vulnerability. For all the confidence and strength that educators have displayed during the pandemic (as well as before) there is also real stress and even trauma that is just under the surface. 

Take some time to let yourself be both. Just because you are stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed or discouraged doesn’t mean you can’t also be engaging, effective, successful, and inspiring.

Let yourself have off-days, low moments, and negative feelings – it doesn’t mean you aren’t still a great teacher. There is enough pressure on educators without adding to it ourselves. 

Educators everywhere are proving they are resilient, adaptable, and caring, but not without sacrifce. Now, more than ever, it is so important to open up conversations about resilience-building and burnout-fighting strategies. If you are interested in what Joy in Teaching has to offer check out our professional development opportunities as well as available books with school/district discounts.

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